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10 Ways to Utilize Your Skills to Make Money Online

Do you have a computer? Can you access reliable internet? If you answered yes to those two questions, then there is no reason you can’t use your existing skills to generate some extra money online. You can start off by making it a “side hustle”, and then eventually turn it into a full time business.

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We all have unique skills, and if you aren’t getting paid for your skills yet, now is the time to start!

Here are 10 legitimate ways utilize your skills to make money online

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1. Designing Logos (Great For The Creative Type)

All businesses and establishments need logos for branding. This is good news for you because thousands of people and companies are established on a daily basis. These individuals and companies need well-designed logos. Why not seize that opportunity and design one for them

Even if you aren’t good with photoshop, there are a lot of free platforms online that will help you design a logo.

Start off by finding work on Fiverr.com. Once you get some clients and build your portfolio, move onto other places such as Craigslist and start getting clients that pay more.

2. Sell on eBay (Great For Deal Finders)

Selling on eBay is another legitimate way of making money from the comfort of your couch and utilizes the skill of being able to find deals. What you need to do is to sign up for an account and start selling.

You can obviously sell stuff you currently have but no longer use. This will get your started, but it’s not a long term solution. If you want to turn this into a full time business, you will need to go to garage sales, find great deals, then sell them on eBay.

3. Craigslist (Great For Deal Finders)

This is very similar to selling on eBay, except you are using a different platform. You can also use this platform to find great deals, then turn around and sell them on eBay.

4. Design T-shirts (Great For The Creative Type)

A lot of companies want T-shirts designed for marketing purposes. These shirts are given out to fans during road shows, advertising campaigns, PR, and as tokens of appreciation.

These companies need people to design the shirts for them. Don’t be worried about where you will find clients, sites such as CafePress make it very easy to find potential clients.

5. Product Reviews (Great For Writers)

Do you have a blog or a website? Or do you enjoy writing? If you do, then this is where you should place your focus. You can earn money by simply talking about a certain product or service. You do not need to use the product. Many people have earned a living by writing an honest review of various products on their blogs then linking it to other websites and making commission.

6. Paid Searches (Great For Researchers)

Apart from Yahoo and Google, there are several other search engines. Some of these search engines pay people to search for products and services online. What a good way to browse and earn! New search engines like this are popping up every month, just do a search for “Paid Search Engines”, and you will have a big enough list to keep you busy for the month.

7. Digital Scrapbooking Templates (Great For Photoshoppers)

Are you skilled in designing scrapbook templates? Many people would like to use an elaborate scrapbook template. You can sell these templates on sites like Etsy, eBay, and even Craigslist.

8. Flip Domains (Great For Technologically Talented)

If you already own a website that has traffic and ranks well in the search engines, there is no reason why you cannot make decent money by flipping.

Like in real estate investments, you can take time and effort to build your site. Then once it is generating some revenue, sell it! You can actually sell it for up to 24x monthly income, so if you are making $100/month from your website, you can sell it for $2,400!

9. Design Websites (Great For Technologically Talented & Creative Type)

Speaking of websites, you can build websites for other people at a fee. In fact, thousands of them are developed every single day. You don’t even need to know how to code to create websites. Content Management Systems such as WordPress make it easy for beginners to create websites and sell them.

10. Play Games (Great for Gamers)

Yup, you heard that right. You can get paid to play games. Earning a few dollars while playing games closes our list of 10 ways to utilize your skills to make money online. Many gamers make decent money while doing what they enjoy. Every time you play a game online, ask yourself, why can’t I make money as I play?

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