5 Apps That Pay You to Workout!

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If working out is boring and you just can’t get yourself to the gym, this will make you sit up (cheesy pun intended)! There are exercise apps that will pay you to workout. Yes, you could get paid to workout. Plus you get to burn calories and look great!

Apps that pay you to workout may sound like a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ story. However, there’s nothing shady about any of these apps. You can’t get rich from these apps but they’re a fun way to get yourself motivated to work out and win some money on the side. Here’s a look at some reliable apps that want to encourage you to be healthy.



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HealthyWage holds fitness challenges, and if you win them, you get paid. You could participate as an individual, get together in a team with your friends, or even get your company or colleagues on board in a corporate fitness program challenge.

In order to take part, you or your team has to be weighed by an approved health club or physician. You must get weighed in again at the end of a year, and several times within the year as well. There are many prizes that HealthyWage gives out. But what’s particularly attractive is the Supersize option. With this option, you can choose to invest some of your own money with HealthWage. The money is held in a Citibank escrow and if you complete the challenge within the year, you win back the money you’ve invested and more. If you fail, you forfeit the money. Do you see how clever the incentive to get you to workout is?



DietBet is another workout challenge-related website that has several challenges going on at once. Here’s how it works. You pick the challenge that matches your own goals; pledge a small sum to the ‘pot’ and all who win the challenge in the group split the pot amongst themselves. The bet could be anything such as lose 4 pounds in 4 weeks, or tougher challenges like ‘maintains your goal weight for 12 months’.

For verifying weights, this program needs you to send in a photo of your reading with you on the weighing scale. They have a system of photo scanning and audits to prevent cheating during the challenge. The website has had lots of press coverage, from the Wall Street Journal to ABC News and The New York Times. This fantastic initiative will make everyone want to reach their weight loss goals so they can win money.



Pact’s USP (unique selling point) is similar to that of DietBet. You can download the app for Android and iOS (for free) into your phones. Next, make a weekly Pact to eat healthier or exercise more. When you make the pact, you have to choose how much you will pay other members if you don’t meet your goals. The app tracks your progress. Preventing money loss is a great motivation to get you working out so you meet your goals, live healthy, and get paid by those who don’t! This simple and useful app has been praised by CNN, Men’s Health, TechCrunch, Lifehacker and others.

Walgreens Balance Reward Points


If you don’t mind winning Walgreens reward points instead of cash, you could be a part of the Walgreens Balance Reward Points. This program is a part of the Healthy Choices initiative. It’s quite simple. You get weighed in, earn points for healthy activities and convert these points into cash. For example, you can earn 20 points for every mile that you cycle, walk or run. There are points for being weighed, quitting smoking, taking blood pressure tests etc. 10,000 points can be redeemed for $10 at Walgreens. Your first goal can earn you 250 points. Stay healthy and save money on groceries, prescriptions and more.



Fitcoin is a legitimate app available at the moment for iOS. This app will not appeal to you if you’re not interested in earning in Bitcoins. But with more and more businesses around the world and in the US accepting virtual currency, it’s a good idea to get started with your own bitcoin wallet and the Fitcoin app.

The app works by paying you in Bitcoins for the intensity and duration of your workouts. The app carries out a calculation to convert the workout to Bitcoin mining and delivers the currency created to your wallet. You can then go on and use it to make purchases at your favorite Bitcoin-accepting vendors like Newegg, Cheapair and others.

With so many ways to make money while you lose weight, there’s no reason not to start being healthy and wealthy today. Good luck with your fitness and income goals!

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