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6 More Fun and Interesting Ways to Make Money Online (The List Continues)

We have published a few articles showing you various ways to make money online. Today we have 6 more fun and interesting ways for you. The point of these articles is to “get your juices flowing”. Don’t try to succeed in all of them, just choose the one that interests you the most and then stick to it until you see success. Focus is the key to success, and if you spread yourself too thing by trying to start multiple online businesses, you set yourself up for failure.

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With all that said, here’s today’s 6 fun and interesting ways to make money online.

Create and sell E-books

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If you’re an expert writer, you can choose a topic of your choice and start writing an E-book. E-books sell at various price points ranging from $2-$200 and sometimes even more! However, it’s important that you research your topic well and provide value to your readers. They must feel they’ve got a goldmine of information. If you’re not a writer yourself, you can go ahead and hire a freelancer to ghostwrite for you.

In the past we have talked about selling these books on the Kindle Marketplace, and although that is always an option, there are other methods. If you have a blog I would highly recommend trying to sell it on your blog before selling it on Kindle.

Sell Domains

Domains sell like hotcakes these days. That is, the unique domain that’s difficult to find. Basically you’ll sell registrations for big domain registration websites such as GoDaddy, FatCows, etc. Many sites such as FatCows even allow you to create your own private label domain registration. You’ll get your share for the initial sale and even for renewals.

Paid Focus Groups (Virtual Rooms)

Focus group studies are mostly held in larger cities where they meet online in virtual rooms. If you want, you can join this group to discuss or answer questions related to some topic. You can make good money ($50-$200) an hour with a full day focus group study.

Teach Online

If you’re an expert in some subject, why not use that knowledge to earn money. You can find students from around the world! You can teach virtually anything, even drawing. Many online websites allow you to register and create courses on subjects you know. You can start selling your courses to earn money. On some websites you can even register as a tutor in some subject and earn consistent income every month.

Begin a Podcast

We all know what PodCasts are…with this business model you just choose a topic of interest, record your podcasts and then let people download/listen to them. With a good following, it is easy for you to make money off your podcast with advertising.

Install Software/Apps

Millions around the world want to install different types of apps and software on their mobile phones, laptops or tablets. However, many of them are not proficient at this and need some help. You can offer your services as a software and app installer and earn some money. You will have to set up a help service online and walk them through the installation process. You can also remotely install the app for your clients.

Create a Blog

Blogging has become widely popular and continues to grow every single day. These days, you can easily create your blog within hours using either free or paid platforms. You just need to choose a niche you find interesting and then start writing! There are numerous ways to monetize your blog. You can sell ads, do some affiliate marketing, or even create a back end membership platform. However, you will have to post original and highly useful content on your blog to build a successful following, so be prepared to work.

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