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8 Fun Hobbies That Can Make You Money

Make money from our hobbies is practically everyone’s dream…the ability to turn what we enjoy doing in our spare time into a real money-making business. For most of us, it will remain just that, a dream. After all, we reason, who would pay for what I produce or what I have learned from my hobby? The truth is, the answer is many people. In fact, people do it practically every day. All it takes is that one motivating factor: a friend or neighbor who says, “That’s cool. How much do you want for it?” or “I sure would like to learn how to do that like you do. Do you teach classes?” It’s usually after the Eureka! moments that a new life starts. The trouble is, beyond getting past that point, what would you sell? Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

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Hobbies That Make Money

1. Photography. Do you have an artistic knack for taking pictures? If you do, or if you have taken some photography classes, perhaps you could take pictures to either sell or teach others how to take them. Both of these options are wide open. Not only that, but you could do both. Today, especially with digital cameras and processing, having photography as a hobby is easier than ever before. There are also countless people out there who are intimidated by technology and would love to know how to take and process their own pictures.

2. Writing. Did your English teacher ever tell you that you should be a writer? Perhaps you should have. Better yet, you still can. Did you ever read something, whether it’s an article or an advertisement, and thought, “I can write better than that”? If you did, you’re probably right. So why not try to write for publication, or even go to local businesses so that you can help them write their advertising and public relations materials? Once you can prove that you can bring business through the door, you’ll have it made. You might even have a topic that you could blog on and have a great business doing it.

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3. Graphic Design. Do you have an artistic bent? If you know something about graphic arts, you could easily sell your services to a wide range of people for personal or commercial use. You could create advertising for businesses, signs, or practically any other piece of artistic work for others.

4. Fitness. Are you a fitness buff? Have you taken yourself from fat to fit and you think you can help others do the same thing? There are countless people out there who would do virtually anything to help them get into better shape and would pay handsomely for someone who could give them clear directions, especially someone who had done the same thing for themselves.

5. Videography. In many ways taking pictures of certain events are such old hat. In many cases today, people want videos of their weddings and other events. Why not turn your hobby of making videos into a business? You could also offer your services to others who want their videos edited.

6. Carpentry. Do you like working with wood? Do you enjoy building things made from wood? Why not start asking for work as a carpenter or a cabinet maker? What homeowner doesn’t dream of having some kind of extra made for their home such as a cabinet, a bookshelf, or many other things? If you enjoy working with wood, you could make a good living at it.

7. Auto Mechanics. Getting cars repaired are often a very expensive proposition. If you are a good auto mechanic, why not hire yourself out and offer lower rates for fixing other people’s cars. Further, after you have proved yourself as a reliable mechanic, you could open your own shop and the world will beat a path to your door.

8. Music. Do you like music? Music offers a number of excellent hobby choices that could easily be turned into a profitable business. This includes playing an instrument or singing and events. If your music loves come in the form of listening to it, why not become a DJ and sell your services to businesses and the public?

If the current economic conditions┬áhave a positive side at all, it’s the fact that people are turning to all kinds of ways to make money, either to provide an income where there is none or to supplement what might be coming in. Either way, with a little creativity, hobbies can be a pearl of great value to you and your family.

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