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A Comprehensive & Honest Review of VO Genesis

Online jobs are the future, it’s tough to deny that fact. With a sudden surge in economic growth, more and more people are searching for various ways to earn money…and what better way to do so than with a legit program that demands little investment, little effort and yet comes with the promises of a solid monthly income, a successful career, and freedom from the 9-5?

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One such platform is VO Genesis, an online blueprint that offers great and actionable advice on generating income online by applying a unique concept known as the “voice over method”.

What is The VO Genesis Program?

Devised by Jenny Lewis, the VO Genesis program is specifically designed for people who have the desire and ability to explore the many possibilities of using their own voice to earn some extra money and build a lucrative career in the process. With training and practical tips, this simple start-up guide enables you to transform from an amateur to an artist that is capable of doing voice over easily.

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The system serves as a great starting guide to teach you the basics of getting a strong foothold on the voice over industry, and expands as an artist to perform miracles with your voice in the near future. This program also goes over a couple of secrets of attaining profitable gigs that not only make you a ton of money, but also play a vital role in building your client base to make this a long term career.

Main Features

  • VO Genesis program teaches you how to get started as a total beginner, without any professional experience or vocal training whatsoever. It doesn’t even matter if you have never recorded a voiceover in the past.
  • You will learn how to choose the most suitable types of voice-over projects and develop your skills with ease. You will learn how to record, as well as edit your voice over work before sending a demo to your clients.
  • You will get access to comprehensive information, ranging from A-Z training to expert marketing tips to carve out a successful career.
  • You will learn how to become successful and scale up your business from part-time to a full-time, dependable income.
  • You will learn how to land more side gigs as well as full-time job offers from high-paying clients due to your own improvised marketing efforts. You will learn to negotiate and work out a payment that befits your needs and reflects your skills to the fullest.
  • In addition to VO Genesis, you get two bonus reports as freebies. These two reports enable you to push for gigs and make a mark in the voice over industry within a short period of time.


  • There are no extra or hidden charges to make this system work. One of the main things I look for is whether or not your initial purchase comes with everything promised, or if you have to purchase a bunch of upsells to get everything that was promised. With this course, everything that was promised came with just one purchase.
  • The program is ideal for people who want to earn a decent amount of money with little investment in terms of time, energy and money. You can also work part-time and still get the full range of benefits associated with the program.
  • Believe it or not, what you make with the help of this program will more than likely be more than what you earn at the moment from your day job. It might take a few months to reach this point but if you work hard it can happen.
  • It is possible to benefit from the program despite being a novice in the industry. While having practical experience is always an advantage, it is by no means a necessity, and with sufficient effort and patience, anyone can have the same success as a seasoned artist.
  • VO Genesis is almost a foolproof program. There is absolutely no way of failing, provided you adhere to the instructions within the program.
  • If you are passionate about making a mark in the voice over industry, this guide is great for you. With this system, you will understand that you don’t necessarily have to have a sweet, lilting voice to become successful…you can become a success no matter what your voice sounds like.
  • The product has proven itself to be a legit way of earning extra income online. It offers a great customer support system, consisting of friendly experts who answer your question quickly and knowledgeably.
  • VO Genesis gives you the required knowledge to set up an exclusive home studio for your personal use and at a cheap cost. It also gives you practical information to build your profile and reach out to high-paying clients to land lucrative jobs, as well as become a successful voice over professional.


A minor flaw of the program is that it’s an internet only program, meaning you cannot buy the product from conventional, brick-and-mortar retail stores. While this isn’t a major deal breaker, it may come across as a slight drawback to people who are skeptical of online purchase.

The guidelines offered by the system need to be adhered to precisely or else you might not make any money. Yes, it’s true that not much effort is required to gain the benefits from the program, but you should not expect to become an overnight success. You will be need to wait patiently and work consistently for a few weeks before you get significant results.

Final Verdict

To put it simply, if you are someone with the drive and desire to become a voice-over professional and are interested in developing that talent with a tiny bit of vocal training and professional guidance, then the VO Genesis program is the perfect income-generating tool for you. And if you are not confident enough, or feel that you don’t quite have the right voice, then you can overcome these hurdles as the program has tips that you can utilize to carve a niche for yourself at the comfort of your own home.

Luckily, there are links to several workshops that you can attend to enhance your skills. The program is easy-to-understand, and equally effective for beginners and professionals alike. And for those who are skeptical of online purchase, there is a no questions asked money-back guarantee offered on the product. So you can always return it back for a full refund in case you’re dissatisfied with the purchase. With no risk and numerous pros, the Vogenesis program comes across as a suitable opportunity for anyone aspiring to ditch their day job in the hope of financial freedom.

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