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AppCoiner Review: Is it Worth The $27?

With more people searching the internet for a convenient way to make money at home, AppCoiner provides a ready platform for those willing to follow through. To get paid, all you have to do is register, test the newest mobile apps and write an honest review.

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Getting started

To start using this program, you’re required to pay a once-off refundable fee of $27. This grants you exclusive access to a limitless selection of new apps in a special members’ area, either in iOS or Android. If you’re after making money on the side, AppCoiner is a perfect platform accessible through smartphones or tablets.

What you will be testing

Based on your likes and interest, AppCoiner recommends apps for either sports, music, health, cooking, fashion and many other categories. In testing the selected apps, you are expected to assess their speed, performance, user interface, ease of use and consistency. Being critical improves your chances of earning more as a reviewer so it’s important to be honest.

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To start off, you won’t need any specialized experience in app testing. As a smart phone owner, you have obviously acquainted yourself with many apps in different categories. You are expected to use your natural intuition to determine how well or bad an app is doing.

You are the Beta Tester

To be deemed competent and operational, all systems need Beta Testers. As the Beta Tester in AppCoiner, you receive payment for testing the apps and writing impartial reviews. As you test the apps, it helps to be robust in highlighting the faults and difficulties experienced while using them.

The app developers rely on this information to fine-tune the app and make them more user-friendly.

Aspects of AppCoiner

AppCoiner pays you on a weekly basis through either a direct bank transfer, Payoneer or a check. With hundreds of apps being added regularly, your app choices are limitless. Basic English skills are enough to get you going.

This program requires you to have a personal website where you will post the reviews. You are provided with several eBooks and videos to assist you in optimizing your site. You also get insights on how to best promote the reviews written.

Steps for generating income with AppCoiner

#1 Select the app to test

From the hundreds of apps available, choose the ones that interest you the most and download them for free. There is no limit to the number of apps you can test and receive payment for once customers purchase them through your website.

#2 Write an honest review

After downloading the app, testing it thoroughly takes roughly 30 minutes. After carefully assessing what the app has to offer, you are then required to log into the member area of AppCoiner. Here, you are free to write an honest review highlighting the strengths of the app. Highlighting the shortcomings of the app is also important so potential customers know whether or not it is right for them.

#3 Receive payment

After you are done writing and posting reviews, sit back and relax as you wait for AppCoiner to automatically monetize all reviews. The dashboard displays your earnings over time.

The Pros

AppCoiner provides you with a platform to make flexible income from home or on the go; you exclusively dictate how much you will earn based on the number of reviews written.

If within sixty days your use of AppCoiner hasn’t turned out to what you expected, you can get your money back thanks to their 60 day money back guarantee.

Unlike many other scams on the internet, AppCoiner does not require you to advertise any app that you review. You are simply required to test and review the apps before receiving your payment.

Using this program is pretty straightforward. The user interface has conveniently placed links to take you exactly where you want to be and grant you access to apps of your liking.

Once you register, you are granted instant access and a unique user ID. You can start earning right away!

Any smart device and an internet connection is enough to get you going, setting up payment details is pretty straightforward.


For only $27, you are not only gaining membership to a money making program but also premium apps that you would otherwise have to pay for. The other members and diligent customer service are more than willing to help you get your footing and have a steady source of extra income.

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