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Can You Make Money Online Without a Website? Yup!

In the United States, about 1/3 of the workforce works online. A large majority of these 50 million or so online workers make money by creating and running their own websites. Mind you, not a lot of them have writing degrees or formal training in writing, but they still earn enough. I understand however, that blogging takes passion, and not everyone has it. If you are one of those who dislikes blogging but still want to work online, the good news is that there are numerous ways to make money online without a website. In this article we will talk about 5 of those ways.

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No. 1 – Write an eBook

I know – writing an ebook involves, well, writing. That’s true, but before you go, hear me out first. We all have talents, or something that we are experts at, be it something as mundane as eating, or some type of skill that requires formal training. I use the word expert loosely, to refer to something that we have learned during our lifetime. Think of something that you know more about than the average person, usually something people accuse you of talking about it too much. For example, you may love to eat Japanese food and have been to all the Japanese restaurants in your neighborhood. Why not write a guide on all the Japanese restaurants? The internet has changed the way people gather information, and a short guide is perfect for tourists or foodies who love Japanese food.

Writing an ebook is easy. Open a word processor (like Word), make an outline and then flesh out the topics. Your grammar does not have to be perfect (but it helps if its decent) in order to sell. You just need a topic that many people are interested in. Create a cover (you can outsource the creation of covers to sites like Fiverr), then choose your avenue of distribution. The 3 biggest ones are Amazon, Google and Barnes and Noble. These sites will do the selling, but it would help if you promote your book.

No. 2 – Teach

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You don’t need to be an expert to teach online. As I said in the first tip, everyone is an expert at something, and there is someone out there who wants to learn what you know. You don’t have to be the only expert, you just have to know your stuff. Figure out your niche and then create a lesson plan. Sites like Udemy allow you to create teaching videos. You only have to make time to create the video once. The students can buy them and learn at their own pace.

If making a video is not your thing, you can sign up as a teacher. Right now, there are a lot of people who want to learn a language. Sign up as a language tutor so that students can practice their verbal skills. You are usually paid by the hour just talking to someone on the internet.

No. 3 – Sell online

You can make money online without a website by selling things.. You can either make something (like a painting or a cake) then go to websites that caters to buyers and sellers. If you don’t have a creative bone in your body, then look around your house. You may have something that you want to let go of that you feel someone out there would like. Take a picture of your product, post it and wait for the buyers. Make sure that you figure out how to ship whatever you are selling, and choose a site that is reliable (such as eBay).

No. 4 – Create videos

A lot of people who surf the net are visual people. They would rather see pictures than read words. I know one parent who made videos of the toys that they bought for kids and made money uploading them to Youtube. Earnings will depend on the number of views. Spend time in youtube and see what kind of videos are in demand. If you have something to say, make a video and upload it.

No 5 – Answer surveys

Plenty of companies want to get to know their customer base and will pay money for them to answer some simple surveys. It does not pay a lot, and it can sometimes be hard to look for these offers, but still, if you do find websites that offer money for filling out surveys, join them.

There are many more ways to make money online without a website. You can become a virtual assistant, do affiliate marketing or buy and sell on eBay, and many more. Whatever you choose, the important thing is to play to your skills. If you do, you will eventually make more money without spending too much time working.

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