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Can You Really Make Money With ClickBank?

Are you new to affiliate marketing and wondering which platform to choose? If yes, you should seriously consider ClickBank. ClickBank is a reputed affiliate network, having been around since 1998. It has more than six million clients all over the world and has close to 30,000 digital sales daily. So, how do you make money with ClickBank? Read on to know more:

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1) How to make money using ClickBank:

You can make money using ClickBank in two ways. Either list your own product and sell it or list other people’s products and take a commission on each sale you generate. ClickBank commission rates are in a wide range of 5% to 75% and are dependent on the product that you are promoting.

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2) Using ClickBank to sell your own products:

a) Generate traffic:

You can use ClickBank to sell your own e-book/online course or other products. Sign up as a vendor with them and then list the product you want to sell. You’ll also need to choose the commission percentage you’ll pay whoever promotes or markets your product on your behalf. After you list your product on the site, other ClickBank users will promote it on their websites. Doing this should result in generating traffic to your website’s sales page which you can then convert into sales.

b) Convert the traffic:

While selling your product on ClickBank, you need to ensure that you convert the traffic sent by your affiliates into actual revenue. Make sure that your landing page is sales-oriented with a clear CTA (Call to Action) for prospective buyers. If you don’t do this, the majority of visitors may click through to your site and then bounce off. The result will be lots of traffic without much revenue to show for it.

c) Consider ClickBank as a medium to generate leads:

It won’t be wise to expect to sell thousands of e-book copies immediately after listing it on ClickBank. It will be better for you to consider it as a medium to generate leads. Get the visitors to sign up for a newsletter and market your product to them on a regular basis. Consider offering a freebie if they sign up for the newsletter. Following this approach will get you a large database of prospective customers. You can then nurture them over a period with the goal of converting them into paying customers eventually.

3) Use ClickBank to sell other people’s products:

After signing up as a ClickBank affiliate, you can browse the various products available to sell on other people’s behalf. There are tens of thousands of products to choose from. So, it’s a good idea to search by commission percentage and niches to identify a product you want to promote. But, before choosing a product, do check out the vendor’s page. A high commission rate is not worth it if you don’t feel a vendor is trustworthy. Or if you feel their product will be hard to sell. After you have identified an appropriate product, here’s how to go about promoting it in a way to generate sales:

a) Have a clear marketing strategy:

You need to have a website to promote the product. If you don’t have one, sign up on WordPress to set up your website. Then start publishing articles on it and write them in a way to draw your readers in. Don’t use cheesy and sales-y copy. Doing this will turn off your readers in no time. Rather write your articles in a way that adds some value to your readers. At the end of the article, write about the affiliate product in a natural way, linking to the vendor’s sales page. You can also consider getting readers to sign up for a newsletter. Then use the newsletter to promote your ClickBank offer.

b) Generate traffic:

The more traffic you can generate, the more money you will make with ClickBank. Spend time to identify search keywords which relate to the product you are promoting. Create articles and other types of content weaving the keywords in the content in a natural fashion. Consider using long-tail keywords (search phrases) rather than one or two words. By doing this, you will move up the search engine rankings and get more traffic.

c) Develop a compelling visual brand for your website:

The design of a website is critical in today’s day and age. Writing acres of text alone will not keep your reader’s attention for long. Using good looking images backed up by quality website design indicates to your readers that you are promoting a good product. A shoddy design or boring and bland images will not help you convert your readers into buyers. In case you don’t have the know-how to create a good looking site yourself, invest in a good designer. The designer will help you with compelling design and images for your website. Doing so will translate into more sales and will pay off in the long run.

Whether you sell your own product or somebody else’s using ClickBank, following the above tips will help you make money. Don’t take shortcuts, put in the hard work, and you will soon start reaping the benefits.

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