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CB Passive Income Review – Does Patric Chan’s Method Work? I Say NO!

CB Passive Income is a digital product developed by Patric Chan. This system claims to generate a steady stream of passive income using the failed “auto-pilot” method. The ‘brownie point’ of this unique money making system (as claimed by Patric Chan) is that you earn money on a daily basis without putting in any effort in return. This implies that even as you spend an entire day wasting away your time in shopping malls or watching movies, this automated system continues to generate money for you.

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What is CB Passive Income (The Reality!)

In reality, CB Passive Income is nothing more than a well structured email marketing system, which permits users to generate a steady stream of income using an email list. Please note that an existing email list of prospective customers is not included in this system. Instead, you are provided with a secret webpage that drives traffic to your squeeze page, thereby helping you build an email list from scratch.

The Rinse and Replete Formula:

This digital product involves the use of a free report that needs to be given away to each new subscriber. This report should ideally be related to the niche of your choosing. For example, if you are selling a weight loss product, then you need to give away a free report (of very high quality) describing the benefits of weight loss.

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After the free report has been sent to your subscriber, Patrick would then instruct his team members to up-sell diverse products to that subscriber, permitting you to earn a handsome commission for each sale. The main goal of this system is to teach you quick traffic generation methods that can send visitors to your squeeze page. This will help you build your subscriber list. An email blast containing unique selling points of diverse products that contain your affiliate link are then sent out to these subscribers. If a sale is made, you receive a commission.

Misleading Product Page – Fact Vs Fiction:

When you browse through CB Passive Incomes home page, you would instantly catch a glimpse of several claims that seem to stress on the fact that it is a “Push Button System”. This is not the case. In reality, you need to first spend money on various advertising streams to send traffic to your squeeze page. After this, you need to slowly and painfully build your subscriber list. Then you need to continue sending them one free report after another (all of which need to be of high quality and relevant to the interest of your subscribers) in order to win their trust.

List of Misleading Facts Posted on the Homepage:

  • You are not required to add content to your website or write a sales page.
  • You are not required to locate products for promotion and sale purposes.
  • You are not asked to create a freebie to attract visitors.
  • You are not to spend time finding top rated affiliate marketing systems.
  • You are not required to know internet marketing.
  • You do not need to pay for the auto-responder fee or the website hosting fee.
  • You do not need to follow-up with your customers, provide them customer support or even send them emails.

Who Should Use This System?

If you new to internet marketing and you do not have any knowledge whatsoever on how to develop a site, how to conduct proper keyword research, how to select affiliate products, how to design squeeze pages, how to advertise your website using various advertising methods (PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing etc.), how to send mass emails using an auto-responder and split-test your site to achieve higher organic rankings, then you should avoid Patrick’s system.

It does not teach you any of the above mentioned aspects of internet marketing. You are simply taught how to operate Patrick’s system. Seasoned internet marketers can make use of this system, but newbies can’t.

How Does it Work?

When you become a member of CB Passive Income, you get:

  • a ready-made website that converts at 50%
  • a ready-made offer that will help you win subscribers
  • hosting that “does not” cost you a single dime
  • pre-installed emails with your affiliate ID embedded in each promotional email

When you enroll for CB Passive Income, you are trained in:

  • Social media marketing methods and how to combine them with YouTube videos to generate traffic
  • Facebook and Twitter ad creation
  • Forum marketing and guest blogging techniques
  • Press release writing and solo ads creation

When you purchase CB Passive Income, you are offered the following membership plans:

  • A one dollar trial membership followed by a Basic Membership that costs $47 (per month).
  • A CB Passive Income license by paying a one time fee of $47.
  • The Passive Income Pro Membership by paying $97 (this is also a one-time fee).
  • The Fast Cash Series, for which you need to be prepared to shell out $197 annually.

Does Patrick Chan’s Method Work?

Patrick’s method looks good on paper but in reality, it does not work as well as its claim. It is not a ‘push button’ system to create a five-figure passive income. If it worked, no one would be slogging morning to night in offices and everyone would be busy promoting free reports.

It is good to know that even if you win a subscriber by sending a free report, you cannot win his trust unless he knows you personally or you have a celebrity status in the internet marketing niche. Put yourself in the subscriber’s shoes and think how you would feel if, after subscribing to a free report that seems tempting to read, you start receiving several emails from an unknown individuals promoting various products. I am sure you would not hesitate to click the “Unsubscribe” button.

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