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Google Sniper Review: ClickBanks Most Popular Product Exposed

What is Google Sniper?

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It’s a system for making money online that shows you how to create what are called “Sniper Sites”. Unlike other forms of affiliate marketing that focus on a wide range of options, Google Sniper shows you how to pinpoint the specific keywords to effectively market to a chosen niche. It was first launched in 2009 and each subsequent release has been better and more effective. This product has been a top selling product in ClickBank since 2011. The program is divided into modules that teach its users SEO tricks that ensure their sites get the most exposure. Another great aspect is that it is really easy to use and anyone (including beginners) can make money by following the advice.

How Google Sniper Works

It’s a membership website where users create and sign into their websites, then get tips and tricks on how to direct the most traffic to their site and get paid via commission. Affiliate marketing is big business; webmasters refer customers to vendors and any customer that buys a product via an advertisement on your website means you get a share of the earnings. It’s passive income at its best and Google Sniper thrives on it. The training is divided into four information sharing modules that consists of videos, demonstrations, webinars.

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a. Getting Started

This is the introduction part, to teach the customer the basics of Google Sniper, what it is, what it does and why you’ve made the right choice purchasing it.

b. Sniper X Training

This takes the bulk of the course and is mostly video based. E-books as reference points are made available and there is a Q and A section that is updated monthly. There are also free webinars to update and refresh the user’s knowledge about Google Sniper.

c. Sniper Cash Machine

This module is all about outsourcing some resources that will enable your site run on autopilot. You are building a passive income stream by creating campaigns and letting the official Google Sniper algorithms do the job of directing traffic for you.

d. Rolodex

The founder, George Brown, created this module as a summary that goes over all the important parts of the course and the unique tools on Google Sniper.


  • It is affordable at only $67, and there is a 60 day money back guarantee if the product doesn’t meet the user’s expectations.
  • Google Sniper doesn’t have a cap on how much you can make in a day, opportunities are limitless and it is easy to use even for beginners who don’t have the technical skills required to create a website.
  • Training is a step by step process and the videos are very easy to understand. After purchasing it there are periodical free webinars to update the customers on what’s new.
  • There is comprehensive and clear information regarding its use and implementation. Once users get the hang of it, making passive income becomes easier.


  • It takes some time before your new site starts making money, so patience is required. Google Sniper doesn’t start with a bang, everything is gradual. It is supposed to run on autopilot, but some input is needed when creating projects.
  • It is imperative that you follow all the steps in the program to avoid errors that might lead to no income.


Google Sniper offers 24/7 support to its customers via e-mail. The next update is expected to have a live chat feature to ease the time before a query is submitted and answered.


E-commerce is the future, and with the increased traffic and interest in online buying and selling, anyone should be able to cash in on this gold mine. Google Sniper ensures its customers earn passive income by generating traffic to their site and helping them earn commissions. The truth is that it does not make as much money as it did when it was new, Google currently makes about 500 changes to its algorithms every year and it’s hard to keep up. However, this does not mean that Google Sniper isn’t worth it. We hope that this Google Sniper review has answered most, if not all of the questions you had.

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