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Great Data Entry Jobs For Side Income

Data entry jobs typically involve transferring data from a given source into a computer system in exchange for a paycheck. Businesses routinely outsource data entry jobs to companies that hire independent home-based contractors. This makes data entry jobs some of the most popular jobs for those looking to earn a living from home. However, due to the popularity of these jobs, there are many scams associated with them. It is essential that you perform thorough research to find legitimate companies that offer real work and actually pay.

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How do you identify a legitimate data entry opportunity?

Legitimate data entry companies do not demand that the candidates pay for training, information or lists of employers. The most common data entry job scam involves medical coding and transcription jobs. These scams, which are advertised under false pretenses involved offering a “data entry job” when in reality, the company is offering some kind of training certification that has to be paid for.

If you are looking for genuine data entry jobs online, be wary of listings that involve:

  • Business kits
  • Processing rebates
  • Certifications
  • Survey marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
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While it is possible to make some money from the endeavors listed above, they are not actual data entry jobs and typically require upfront payments. Genuine data entry jobs exist; you don’t have to pay for them and they are posted on legitimate online job boards. Before you make your decision on any data entry job opportunity you come across, ensure that it was offered by an actual company or organization that exists in the real world. Legit online job boards typically have a team that checks all listed jobs to ensure that they are being offered by a reputable employer.

What does a data entry professional do?

Data entry is a key process in the management of information in any business and is important to the company’s growth and success. Data exists in countless forms – number sequences, spreadsheets, lists, hand written documents, etc. For the massive amounts of data stored in these formats to be useful to a company, it needs to be sorted and entered into documents, records, forms and databases. Modern technology makes it easy for data entry professionals to enter and maintain data quickly and accurately.

What is required to get data entry jobs that actually pay?

Data entry is one of the broadest employment categories. Thus, qualifications vary from job to job. However, there are a few common qualifications that all companies look for when hiring data entry clerks. The ideal data entry personnel must:

  • Be organized
  • Be efficient
  • Be able to pay close attention to detail
  • Posses good communication skills
  • Posses good typing skills
  • Have basic knowledge of spreadsheets, word processing and databases

Most employers do not require candidates to have attained a college degree to work on their home based data entry jobs, but many require a high school diploma, some prior experience, or both. For some specialized data entry positions, such as medical data entry, training and certification by accredited providers may be necessary.

Some of the companies that offer genuine data entry jobs are:

1. Virtual Bee – this is a well known firm that is constantly recruiting workers to complete data entry tasks for assorted clients. Once you demonstrate your qualification, your work application will be accepted and all you’ll need to do is log onto their websites and access the available projects. The company pays out weekly by check, but you must have made at least $30 to receive a payment.

2. Fiverr – this is a reputable freelance marketplace where you can advertise your skills such as writing, data entry transcribing, translating, photo editing and virtually any skill you have. Fiverr is a great place to promote your data entry skills and attract clients.

3. Capital typing – this company offers a range of data entry jobs such as transcriptions and translation, as well as customer support and administrative tasks.

4. SigTrack – it offers data entry job on a seasonal basis. The jobs involve processing voter registration data for various states.

5.Microworkers – this is a legit site that offers a range of data entry jobs.


Working from home allows you to set your own work hours. You can alter your schedule in a way that wouldn’t be possible when working from a traditional office. This flexibility translates to a work-life balance that is liberating. It also saves on money as no commuting is necessary. Most beginner data entry jobs are low paying, but if you find the right company you can get invited to high paying ones sooner than you think.

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