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Home Business Ideas You Can Start For Cheap

Home businesses are a great choice for people who want to venture into self employment. But many individuals worry about the capital required to set up a business. The good news is that there are several business ideas you can start for cheap. Some of them only require you to invest time and energy to make money. Here are some ideas you can consider.

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This is an ideal business for a trained accountant. But you can also start the business after taking a bookkeeping course. Many small businesses use freelance bookkeepers because they do not require full-time personnel or cannot afford to hire them. You can get several clients to ensure you have business throughout the year.

Social Media Management

Social media has become one of the most important platforms for businesses. You can work as a social media manager and help companies manage their presence on various networks such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Companies rely on social media to engage with their clients on a deeper level compared to other platforms such as print, radio, and television. A social media manager is expected to create awareness about a company, market services and products, and manage any negative content available on the internet before it gets out of control.

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This is a great idea because it does not require capital. But you need experience with the various social media platforms. You can also find online tutorials to help you polish your skills and improve your chances of becoming a social media consultant.


Tutor students on academic subjects you are familiar with to make money. This idea can work well if you have a teaching background or are passionate about a particular subject. You can also teach people how to sing, cook or play sports. Look for sites that allow you to access people who need assistance with different subjects. This allows you to build a clientele before you venture out on your own.

Copywriting and Editing

Offer copywriting services to help businesses create promotional materials such as direct mail, newsletters, websites and ads. This business is suitable for people with a marketing or advertising background. But it is also a good idea for writers.

Editing requires precision and it can be a good choice for keen writers. You can work for a company or individual that requires editing services.

Tax Preparation

Many people struggle with tax preparation and they would rather pay someone to do it for them. This is your chance to earn money especially during the tax returns filing period. Find companies that offer tax preparation training. Market your business online to get people who need assistance with their tax returns. Tax preparation is seasonal and it is advisable to have another source of income to keep you busy during the low season.

Virtual Assistant

This is another idea you can start for cheap. All you need is a computer, internet connection, and phone. Virtual assistants are on demand especially among companies looking for ways to reduce operation costs. A virtual assistant’s roles differ depending on the client. Some of the tasks you may be required to take on include appointment management, social media management, research, and report writing. You can start with a single client and even hire your own assistants once you take on more companies.

Web Design

Start a web design business to help individuals and companies create effective websites. Web design requires some training and experience to ensure clients get the right site.

Graphic Design

Businesses rely on graphic designers to create visual content using posters, ads, and logos. You can start the business after completing a degree or certification in graphic design. But it is also possible to learn the basics on your own. You will need design software and a computer to establish this business.

Identify an idea that matches your skills and determine if you require training before you can begin your home business. You are more likely to succeed if you find an idea you are passionate about. This will make your business a hobby that allows you to make money. Conduct research on the business you want and consult individuals who have succeeded in the field. This will ensure you are well prepared for any challenges that arise.

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