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How To Get Paid to Post on The Top Social Media Sites

If you enjoy spending time tweeting about your life or posting photos on Instagram, you might be interested in getting paid to post on social media. After all, why not earn a living doing something that you enjoy and would happily do for free, than slave away at a mind numbing, nine to five job.

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Here’s are the steps required to get paid to post on social media

1. Find your niche, find your audience

Think about your interests. What are you passionate about? As an example, if you’re interested in international travel, you may want to seriously consider becoming a travel blogger and social media influencer. Just think how many likes your gorgeous sunsets and pool side selfies could attract on Facebook and Instagram.

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Other examples of niches that you may wish to explore include fashion, health and fitness, and interior decorating. However, as there are thousands of individuals looking to make a name for themselves online, it’s wise to focus on a unique aspect of your niche. As an example, if you’re interested in fashion and style you may want to post about plus size fashion or athletic wear.

2. Create a web presence for your new “brand”

First things first, why not set up your first blog or website. While it may be challenging to attract attention to a new blog, if you link a blog to successful social media accounts such a popular Instagram account, you’ll start to attract thousands of views.

Once your blog or website is set up, it’s time to create social media accounts across a variety of platforms. As a bare minimum make sure to set up a Twitter account, an Instagram account and a Facebook account. If you’re a fan of Snapchat, it’s also worth creating a unique Snapchat account.

A word to the wise, ensure that all of your social media accounts share the same account name. After all, you should be aiming to make your account name a “brand”, that is easily recognizable.

3. Start to place advertisements on your social media accounts

If you’re wondering how social influencers get paid to post on social media, the answer is by attracting corporate sponsorships. As an example, most of Instagram’s most popular successful travel bloggers get paid to stay at specific hotels and resorts. So if you’ve ever dreamed of staying the night in a private, over water bungalow in Bora Bora, this could be your chance.

As another example, if you plan to post about health and fitness, you may be paid to wear branded clothing in your photos or to take a selfie holding a diet shake.

While you may be unlikely to attract large corporate sponsorships straight off the bat, once your accounts start to gain a following, you’ll be able to pick and choose which sponsorships are a natural fit for your brand and which sponsorships you’re better off declining.

4. Reach out to small to mid sized brands who you think may be interested in doing business

To start earning money from your social media posts, it’s crucial to sign sponsorships. However, there’s no reason to wait until your social media accounts gain thousands of followers in order to start seeking your first sponsorship.

While you don’t want to waste your time trying to get lucrative sponsorships from major companies such as Hilton or Nike as a newbie, it’s certainly worth reaching out to small to mid sized companies. Just make sure to choose brands who you think are a good fit for your brand. As an example, if you post about health and fitness, you don’t want to seek sponsorship from a burger joint.

5. Ensure to post on a regular basis

In order for your social media accounts to gain a following, you need to post on all of your social media accounts on a daily basis. After all, if you only post every few days, you’ll start to lose the followers that you’ve worked hard to accumulate.

6. Consider posting ads

Depending on the social media applications that you use, you might also be able to make money by posting advertisements. Unlike sponsorships which need to be acquired, any one can choose to post ads on their accounts. Remember, the more people that click on each add, the greater the commission you’ll receive.

So if you’re addicted to social media and believe that you have what it takes to become a social media influencer, it’s well worth investing time and energy into setting up your own online “brand”.

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