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How to Make Money Publishing on Kindle

Making money on Kindle may not be as easy as some ‘Gurus’ would have you believe, but it’s not “crazy” difficult either. Of course, much like everything else worthwhile in this world, there are fundamental principles that guide your journey towards making money on Kindle. If you want to make money publishing on kindle, you need to first:

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  • Find the right kind of niche and keywords that will guide your book and marketing efforts.
  • Carry out extensive digital marketing to give your book proper rankings on Amazon.
  • Find out what it takes to rank well on the Amazon best seller list.
  • Create the right title and cover for your book.
  • Get the right number and quality of reviews for your book.
  • Make sure that the price of the book is right.
  • Create the right description for your book.

How much can you make through Kindle publishing?

This is a difficult question to answer since the final figure greatly depends on how well you have mastered the above-mentioned principles. But for the sake of clarity, let’s look at a single E-book selling at the typical price of $2.99.

$2.99 is considered the ‘sweet spot’ of E-book pricing by many because it is not too much money to make your potential customers question their choices and it’s not too little to earn you a decent living from a few sales.

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Now for every sale you make, Kindle takes 30% meaning you get 70%. 70% of $2.99 comes to $2.08. That is how much you would get if you sold a single E-book on Kindle for $2.99. From then on, it is just a game of numbers. How many E-books can you sell? The best sellers sell up to 100,000 copies each month. Typically, however, you will find that most people sell maybe 10-100 copies. That gives you between $28 – $280. Not bad for something that you only have to write once and benefit from for as long as it remains online…and you can write as many of these digital books as you want!

Scaling up your profitability

If you are going to make money publishing on kindle, you will need a proper strategy for both writing and marketing. Scaling up your earning capability and diversity is by far the best way to ensure that you get a substantial amount of money at the end of each month. Now, imagine that our $2.99 is just one of 30 books you put up for sale. At one point or another, these books will be making you money all at the same time. If one book brings in an average of $50 a month, then for 30 books you should be clearing $1,500 in passive income.

Further monetization of your Kindle books

Your money train really doesn’t have to end at that single sale. There are several other ways you can monetize your Kindle books to make even more money from those sales. One of the best ways to do this is to use them as a sales funnel for affiliate marketing.

All you have to do in this case is create a website then write a blog post that reviews or gives great advice on Amazon or ClickBank products. In this case, you will use your Kindle E-books as a marketing platform for everyone who reads them. Within these books, you can place links that lead people back to your landing page where you will do a little bit of convincing so the customers purchase whatever you are selling.

The fact that these people already bought your E-book means that they already trust you. Use that advantage to gather their emails and send them relevant promotions that will solve various problems that they may have in their lives.

Making the whole process easier

The best part is that this entire process doesn’t have to be as tedious as it sounds here. In fact, with very minimal work, you can get this business model going within a week. All you have to do is outsource all the difficult parts. Find excellent freelancers who are wonderful writers and cover page designers. Have them create the content and art for you. If you want, you can manage the digital marketing yourself or you can hire someone for that as well. This shouldn’t cost you more than $100 if you look in all the right places.

Within a week, you could have 5 E-books up for sale and an entire Affiliate Marketing website set up. With time, these structures will bring you an incredible amount of passive income that will offer you a lavish, laid-back lifestyle.

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