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How to Make Money With YouTube (No Previous Experience Required)

YouTube is the third most frequented website in the world where 5 billion videos are accessed each and every day. On a daily basis, YouTube is able to attract 30 million visitors. The reach of this website is unreal! Hearing these stats, you may be expecting to generate thousands of dollars monthly using YouTube, but it is not as easy as it sounds. With that said, you will end up generating more money than you did when you were not using YouTube.

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Here is How You Can Make Money Using YouTube

Step #1 : First and foremost, you need to set up a YouTube account. Your gmail account is automatically linked to your YouTube channel (so both are similar). When you set up an account at YouTube, you are also permitting this video channel to access your gmail drive and user settings. After creating a new YouTube account using a new gmail ID or using an existing gmail ID. Always select a suitable user-name for your YouTube account or edit the one provided to you by default by using the Google+ edit option.

Step # 2: Write content that best describes your video and use suitable keywords. An ideal description needs to be more than 300 words or more. Keep posting fresh videos on your channel. Ensure that the picture quality of your videos is professional. To keep it up to the mark, use high quality cameras, tripods, adequate lighting, and the latest editing software. The title of your video needs to be “eye-catching” and it should be backed by keywords that best describe your content. Regular updates (new videos) would help you get more subscribers, as your audience would be keen to know what’s coming next.

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Step # 3: To make money with YouTube, you need to constantly strive to increase your existing customer-base. In order to do this, you need to post flawless videos that are backed by captivating content. Spread the word by sharing your videos on leading social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Link your video with like-minded interest groups or community members. Always respond to your user comments and even seek their suggestions on what kind of videos they would like to see in the near future. Take action on the feedback and create videos that are in sync with the expectations of your subscribers. Doing so would get you more subscribers and your list would continue to grow with each passing week.

Step # 4: Enable the Monetization tab within your YouTube channel to start earning money from your creations. By doing so, you are willingly permitting YouTube to place ads within your videos. Click the “Monetize on Ads” checkbox while you upload your video. In case you would like to monetize an old video, simply check the “$” and check the “Monetize” Button.

Step # 5: To earn more money, you can link your video with Google Adsense. You would then be paid per click and your earned commissions shall be sent to your paypal account. Then you should periodically check your ad-performance by clicking on the “Analytics” button. You can keep a tab on the number of user views that your video has received, the money it has earned, its performance, its user demographic history, and much more.

Step # 6: You can also run a Facebook Ad campaign to promote your YouTube channel. Placing an advert on Facebook is cost-effective and the traffic it sends to your video is highly targeted in nature. You can also create a website and post a few videos in it and drive traffic via PPC adverts using Facebook Ads.

Step# 7: Lastly, you can become a YouTube partner if your videos receive a large number of views. If you have a solid subscriber base, YouTube rewards you by giving you prizes for every milestone that they set for you to achieve. Besides getting prizes, you also get to enjoy advanced tools such as active customer support and access to community tools by becoming a YouTube partner. Try and aim for a viewership of fifteen thousand combined hours for your video over a three month time to gain access to YouTube’s elite partner programs.

Some More Tips on How to Make Money with YouTube

  • Always choose the niche for your videos very carefully and after conducting in-depth research. Gaming and comedy are great niches for gaining a large number of subscribers.
  • Select the most suitable keyword phrases that best describe your videos.
  • Always ensure that your videos are created very carefully and that you are uploading fresh videos on a regular basis.
  • Use social networking sites to advertise your videos and always edit your video before positing it on YouTube.
  • Never forget to add relevant tags to your videos.
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