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Internet Jobs Nearly Anyone Can Do For Extra Cash

There are a number of reasons why you may be looking to get that extra income – get out of debt, purchase a luxury item, allow your family to live a better life or even to just go on a nice vacation. You could get a part-time job, but it may not be convenient for you in terms of time and pay. What if you could actually earn from the comfort of your home? Below we look at internet jobs anyone can do for extra cash:

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1. Jobs based on skill:

You can use a skill that you already have to earn extra income. The skill could be based on a hobby, natural talent or even what you do at work. The good thing about the jobs based on skill is the fact that they have low startup capital, if any. Here are some options you should consider:

a) Writing

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If you can write engaging content, you can begin to write blog posts, articles or even sales copy on sales pages. The most popular way to go about this is by using job sites where you either bid for jobs or pick jobs (where you compete with other writers). Unfortunately, most of these sites pay very poorly. You could create a website where you showcase your sample work and get your own clients. This way, you set your own rate and the deadlines here are more convenient. You could also write eBooks and sell them on your site or on Amazon Kindle.

b) Photography

If you have photography skills, you can invest in a good camera and start taking photos. You can get your own clients or even sell your photographs as stock photos. The most popular photography categories are portraits and wedding photos.

c) Graphic design

If you can blend colors, create logos and design promotional materials, then you can make money online as a graphic designer. You can get your own clients or offer your skills on sites like Upwork.

d) Web design/development

You can help businesses or individuals build their online presence by designing websites. If you can code, that’s even better since you can improve on aspects like available plug-ins or even build your own.

e) Calligraphy

You can use your calligraphy skills during events or special occasions like weddings and birthday parties to help your clients craft beautiful handwritten messages.

f) Artwork

There are various types of art that you can sell online ranging from murals, paintings, jewelry, and drawings.

g) Tutorials

You can offer tutorials in the field where you have a specialty in, either via training or experience. You can create an online course and market it via a YouTube channel, your website or even on sites like Udemy. You can also tutor students or teach a skill like playing guitar or golf.

2. Jobs that do not necessarily need specialized skills

a) Search Engine Evaluator

A search engine evaluator is simply an internet user who literally teaches search engines. As a user, you can tell how a certain word is influenced by culture or the political environment, but the search engine does not know that. A search engine evaluator rates how relevant search engine results are to a user’s query. Basically, you just need to be aware of your cultural or political environment, and you are good to go.

b) Mystery Shopper

This usually happens via phone. You call a certain shop, ask a few questions and write a report. The important thing is to ensure that you act like a real customer who is interested in the product being sold.

c) Reselling items

This is one of the popular ways to make money online, especially with giant sites like eBay. The good thing is that you can sell anything from handbags, farm tools, and even used books.

d) Bed and breakfast

You can host people in your home if you have extra space. Some people prefer the comfort of home to hotels. Usually you will charge more for the extra comfort, but make sure that you provide value for the client’s money.

e) Work at a call center

This would be an ideal job for you if you have a great voice on the phone and a quiet place in your home to work. You also need to be able to organize information quickly..

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