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These 6 Work From Home Jobs Are Ideal For Beginners

Is it just me or does it seem like more and more people are looking for “work from home jobs” to supplement their income? While there are many jobs that can be done from home, especially with the introduction of the internet, it’s not always easy for beginners. The reason for this is because most of the time beginners don’t have the required skills to start an online business…or so they think! The good news is the fact that you can start making money online with the skills you currently have. Heck, if you can listen and type, you can make extra money from home regardless of how skilled you are.

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Here are a few home based jobs that are ideal for beginners.

Data Entry:

This is one of the most sought after work at home jobs because it does not require any experience. However, for you to be successful at it, you will need to be an accurate and fast typist. The quicker you work, the more data entry projects you will be able to work on and the more you will earn. But even as you try hard to work quickly, you need to do it accurately because your clients are not going to retain your services if they find that you are entering the data they have given you incorrectly.


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This is another great job for beginners. Just like data entry, it does not require much when it comes to experience. It mostly requires you to have good listening skills because you will be required to listen to audio files and then convert them into written text. You will also need to make sure that your grammar is good because clients are not going to like it if you send them transcribed files that are full of grammatical errors. It will also help if you are a fast typist because you will be able to transcribe many files and earn more money.

Virtual Assistant:

You can also work as a virtual assistant right from the comfort of your own home. Sometimes, busy professionals and business people do not have enough time in the day to get everything done. That is why they decide to outsource some of their work to virtual assistants. This industry has achieved tremendous growth in the past few years and does not show any signs of slowing down.


Another work at home that you can try is freelance writing. This is very beginner-friendly and does not require a lot in the area of experience. You just need to have good mastery of the English language or any other language that you will be writing in and understand what your clients want. When you start freelance writing, it is best to have an open mind with each project. This is because things might not be so rosy when you are just starting because not everyone you write for is going to applaud you for your work. You can start with entry level writing sites and then advance your way up as you continue to master your writing skills and gain the trust of the people that you are writing for.

Virtual Receptionist:

As a virtual receptionist, the work that you will be doing will be more like that of a virtual assistant with the only major difference being that it will be phone-based. You will need to answer incoming calls on behalf of the clients that you are working for. You may also be required to take messages and relay important information. To be successful at this job, you need to know how to maintain a pleasant phone conversation.

Search Engine Evaluator:

This is another work from home job that you can start doing without experience. You may work with the world’s largest search engines such as Yahoo and Bing and help rate the relevancy of the search results that they bring based on the queries given. To be a successful search engine evaluator, you will need to have a good understanding of pop culture and current events. The search engines are usually working hard to make sure that they produce results that are relevant to what people are searching for. For instance, when a person goes on Google and types “apple discount”, they are most likely looking for discounts on fresh fruits and not promos on Apple products such as the iPhone. So as a search evaluator, your work will be to help the search engines learn these things.

These are a just a few work from home jobs that are perfect for beginners. There are many others that you will discover as your continue doing research and gaining experience. Most of them require determination, time, patience, accuracy, hard work and most importantly a good relationship with the people you will be working for.

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