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These Sites Will Actually Pay You To Take Surveys!

We all live in busy worlds and when the phone rings and it’s a friendly salesperson asking us to “please take a survey”, we generally roll our eyes and say “No thanks.”

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We just don’t have the time.

The same applies to the people who stop us in the street or at a shopping mall. “No thanks. We’re kind of busy.”

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But what if you got paid to take part in a survey? There are businesses out there that need to do surveys. They are the businesses that rely on you, the survey taker, to determine certain information.

The good businesses have learned how to do surveys in a new and contemporary way. They do the surveys online, and they pay you to participate!

That changes everything! You get paid to take a survey.

You do need to be careful which online surveys you do. Sometimes your information is not as private as you think. Sometimes you get paid a small amount of money for a very long survey. But sometimes, if you choose the right company, you will make good money while maintaining your privacy and not spending too long completing the survey.

You need to do your own research, but here is some information on the most popular survey sites that actually pay.

My Survey

My Survey is brilliant at keeping things easy. In fact, I think the reason they are so popular is because of how easy it is! With this site, you need to be quick if you want to participate in a survey and make money. You get paid in cash or via gift cards. Their surveys are pretty interesting and you can complete them quickly. Stay on top of their offers; this is a good online survey site to work with.


Swagbucks is probably the best online marketing and survey research company, cleverly using social media to get their surveys out. There is complete transparency since Swagbucks tells you exactly how your information will be used and they have a secure privacy policy. They also have a great UI which makes it easy to navigate around their site.


Also excellent, Vindale Research has a great reputation for the way they conduct surveys. Their online site is easy to use and manage, especially if you’re a first time user. They have an excellent privacy policy so your information will stay private. Surveys can be a little longer than you expect, but the money they pay is good. Definitely worthwhile.

Global Test Market

They’re good and convenient, you will make money from doing online surveys and while you do run the risk of them using your information, they have a pretty decent standard. They’re a little like Facebook though, as soon as you give “real info” you may just get bombarded by a whole lot of ads. They do ask you though, before giving out your details, so read the information! You can make money, but you are risking some privacy issues.


Toluna is super easy to access; they have an excellent site and amazing apps for Android and Apple users. Their surveys are excellent, but note that while you get paid roughly $1.50 per survey, you mostly end up with reward points.

Inbox Dollar

This is a great site once you get familiar with it, but they do have a fairly confusing way of doing things which might confuse newbies. You get sent emails from Inbox Dollar and you will get paid to read or click on links. There are usually stipulations attached, so read and pay attention to what you are signing up for. Don’t discount them though, there is money!

Survey Spree

This online site used to be called Opinion Place. They do both surveys and market research and they claim to pay $5 per survey.  Some of the conditions are not so clear and your information gets shared with third parties. You may get a lot of prizes but probably won’t make as much money.

To sum everything up, doing an online survey is a great and easy way to make a bit of extra cash for weekend spending. However, it’s important you do your research on each site before joining.

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